Double S Kikos

DHS Mahogany

50% Kiko Doe

Goat , Kiko/Boer , Doe (female) |Dark Brown

AKGA# 20X516DHS27 | DOB: 2/18/2020 (2 yrs)

Sire: SEV Magnum Steel

AKGA New Zealand Buck

SEV Magnum Steel

Kiko Buck (male) Grey

AKGA# 17P127SEV26 DOB: 1/22/20176 yrs
Sire: SPK Sunboy Rotan 150 Dam: DDF Matariki's Jazzi Blue Percentage: New Zealand Litter Size: Twin Birth Date: 1/22/2017 Birth Weight: 6.75 lbs Steel is out of our very first flush we did back in 2016 between SPK Sunboy Rotan 150 x DDF Matariki's Jazzi Blue. Steel throws kids that are around the 5-7 pound range at birth and are very vigorous. When it comes to weaning, his kids wean with high ADGs and are at the top of their kid class. Almost all of his offspring that we have retained ...
  | AKGA# 17P127SEV26 | Grey
Dam: Curly


Boer/Angora Sr. Doe (female) Traditional

DOB: 12/1/201210 yrs
I'm sure you can guess how Curly got her name just by looking at her. Curly has been with us since she was a doeling and has earned her forever place one the farm. She typically is one of the first does to get bred when placed with a buck and consistently has multiple low birth-weight kids that are vigorous minutes after birth. Curly is an excellent milker, extremely maternal and tough (she survived a dog attack with kids still on her). She is also the recipient dam of SEV Magnum Steel.
  | Traditional

American Purebred Buck (Ozy)

ROC Ozymandias

Kiko Buck (male) White

AKGA# 13K020ROC18 DOB: 11/24/20139 yrs
Ozymandias has been an outstanding sire for our ranch since the Fall of 2014. He has outstanding parasite resistance, which he passes on to his kids. He was dewormed when he arrived in 2014, but has not been dewormed since then, maintaining a Famacha of 1. We are located in east Central Texas where humidity and warm weather are fertile grounds for haemonchous contortus. Ozy kids tend to be lower birth weight (5.5 - 6# range), fast growing, and healthy. We have retained several of his daughte ...
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Sire: SEV Magnum Steel
Dam: Curly
Percentage: 50% Kiko
Birth Date: 2/18/2020
Litter Size: Twin
Birth Weight: 7.95 lbs
Weaning Weight: 40.9 lbs
Overall ADG: 0.34 lbs/day
2020 Kidding Performance Index: 0.91

Health Records
Date Procedure Details/Notes
17.8 lbs 
ADG: 0.38
16.35 lbs 
ADG: 0.44
13.3 lbs 
ADG: 0.49
1st dose
12.5 lbs 
10.65 lbs 
Total ADG: 0.54
2/18/2020Birth - Birth Weight
7.95 lbs 

Updated 2/10/2022